First, First: I never actually ate Bibimbap before, nor did I know what that even was. SO: You´re getting a tip from a total Bibimbap-beginner. To explain: This Bowls consist of rice, then they put an egg on top and in-between the choices have an open-end: kimchi, other asian food stuff which names I cannot pronounce and noodles, veggies, yummie. My Boyfriend didn't liked it too much, he also wouldn't get as impressed by interior like me. So if you just want a really good looking place to eat out for lunch around Moritzplatz in Berlin, you might give PACIFICO a try. I also liked my SEOUL Bowl a lot, Bae did just not choose the right dish I guess. The Prices are around 5,90 without toppings (Meat), so you definitely will not be hungry after one Bowl. I will definitely come back again.
Oranienstrasse 147

OUTFIT: grid scarf and UNIQLO x Lemaire Sweater

This week was pretty special to me. I met one "new" person, who hopefully will be my friend soon (this sounds kinda creepy, sorry Storm). You can visit her lovely blog The Adorable Two - its beautifully minimalistic yet chic as hell and the two sisters behind it deliver some really nice content. Also, I survived a whole week with my boyfriend living at my place. This is quite a milestone in my life, haha. (He actually took those pictures so I better be grateful now.) He constantly asks me about my grid scarf, which gives me the same feeling as talking to my parents about new clothes - do you know what I mean? They keep telling you that you don't need certain things, but in fact, the grid pattern adds the little something to my outfit. Btw, here is the Uniqlo x Lemaire sweater in action, its super comfy, yet hard to layer, since the fit is wider than I thought. The batwing sleeves plus the cropped shape makes it possible to wear in as a scarf, as well. Well, so I hope you like those, have a happy Monday :)

New In: Lemaire, ASOS, ACNE

Just a tiny new in post, before we leave for the berlin food week :) this Eames-inspired chair is so comfy and was pretty cheap with 30€, you can get it at superestudio. Also, I "accidentally" got a Jumper from the UNIQLO x Lemaire Collection. Wonder how that happened, as they released the collection, there were 100 People waiting in front of the store, running inside like crazy and pushing each other. I mean, I get it, wool is pretty amazing and soft. But honestly, its just clothing and I wouldn't recommend to push someone just because you want a piece of Lemaire. Its bad karma and the softness of cashmere won't help you with that. Anyway, I found this jumper in a corner on the floor and picked it up. A nice piece. Also new: ASOS Grid Scarf and all black Cluse watch.

FOOD: Cafe Ora in Berlin

If you want to experience tasty food, great coffee, a wonderful location and friendly service, visit ORA. When it comes to service, its pretty easy to upset me, since I love to take things personally, but honestly, I barely ever meet such sweet and lovely people as in this wonderful place. I have been there for three times, once with Marie (who was a great company, as well), and would come back every day, if I had the money. Or lived close by, well I am not sure what to review first, but I´ll start with the cinnamon rolls: they were everything. then the homemade bread with curry-raisin cheese: not as great as the cinnamon rolls, but since they were everything, its hard to handle that. The Bread was really fresh and soft and warm and I want it right now, though I type this post at 00:12.. Ok, so I should go to bed now and you should take the next train or plane to Berlin and have the best breakfast of your life at ORA. See you there! 

Wenn ihr ausnahmsweise leckeres Essen, tollen Kaffee, eine wunderschöne Location und super freundlichen Service in Berlin erleben wollt, (und das zu normalen bis günstigen Preisen) solltet ihr ins ORA. Das Cafe, das in einer alten Apotheke seinen Platz fand ist in Blitzgeschwindigkeit zu meinem Lieblingsort geworden und ich war bereits drei mal innerhalb einer Woche da. Ein mal sogar mit Marie (die im übrigen auch eine wundervolle Begleitung ist).
Ich werde jetzt einfach nur von der Zimtschnecke erzählen, weil sie meiner Meinung nach die von "Zeit für Brot" topt. Nicht so fluffig, sondern eher fest, aber mit Aprikosenmarmelade, wie es sein sollte und nicht zu süß. Ok, und das hausgemachte Brot mit eigenen Aufstrichen (3€) ist auch prima. Ich sollte nun schlafen, bevor ich noch mehr Hunger bekomme, es ist immerhin gerade 00:12... Und ihr solltet euch schleunigst auf den Weg nach Berlin machen, um bei Ora zu frühstücken! 

OUTFIT: bright red lipstick

Not much to say yet, but I started a new job a week ago and I like it a lot! I basically do what I did  before (that social media thing) but this time its for a really good cause and that just makes sense to me. I am sitting in the prettiest Co-working space with some really amazing people and we learn a lot from each other. That was something I really missed in my last job, where everyone was just doing their own business without really taking care of each other. But its different here and I am happy (: This is btw a working outfit. I don't really mind dressing up a bit, as long as its comfy and sporty. This Vest is the clue: It adds some chic vibes to every outfit and layering is what I like about autumn.  BTW: Thank you all as always for your comments. I enjoy reading your feedback and am always happy to visit your blogs as well :) keep up your good work! Find all the outfit details below:

FOOD: Easy Cooking to impress/ Baked Camembert

 you cannot really cook but you want to impress your friends, partners, parents with some seriously delicious vegetarian killer dish? We can do this. I made this one yesterday for me and my boyfriends (who doesn't want to be called bae at that point.) I could literally eat another one right now. It was very easy! All you need is:
1x Camenbert
1 x roll of raw puff pastry
2 x onions
125gr Babytomatoes
100gr Walnuts
3 x figs
250gr rocket 

Outfit: Summer Leftover

 Last year during this time, we had those amazing temperatures, autumn lights every poem is telling you about and barely any rain. An indian summer - like in the books, when you feel like going out and collect leaves, sit outside with your favorite novel or get this weird pumpkin whatever drink from starbucks, which does not represent the taste of autumn in any way. But not this year. It came over us  as unexpected as a car crash, one day we had a regular summer and the day after it was just cold and wet and dark. I don't mind the cold, but the darkness and the clouds are a bummer, especially for my mood, I mean - did you read how angry I am with that starbucks drink? It didn't do me any harm, so this bad mood is caused by total darkness. Anyway, to pretend its indian summer, I post that one. My sister shot that outfit on a coldish summer day, which basically counts as indian summer (minus the amazing light) I hope you guys already changed your wardrobes to cozy sweaters and I will put away my signature culottes and sleeveless duster for now.