OUTFIT: Bye, Old Cruel/Thing!

Currently in Madrid, I am off to Valencia in a couple of hours. The last events in Berlin left my friends and family in a deeply confused mood and I am more than happy to have left town only shortly after the incident. Looking forward to the sea, the plus 18 Degrees and the new city, before I will stay with my family for christmas, I can take some time off to think about the next steps. During the upcoming couple of days, I will finally realize some changes on the layout and the overall concept, so I can see this outfit post as the last one of its kind. Stay tuned, safe and positive and enjoy the last days of the pre-christmas time!

Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim, similar here or here
Pants: Zara (old), similar here and here
Jumper: Zara, similar here (on sale)
Coat: &otherstories (old), very similar here 
Shoes: KIOMI, very similar here


Outfit: Boyish

coat: ZARA, similar here or here
Jumper: Selected Femme, similar
Trousers: Mango, similar
Shoes: Vagabond


Win: A festive Christmas Bouquet

Da an Weihnachten alle etwas verlosen, wird es auch Zeit, dass ihr hier etwas gewinnen könnt. Es geht um eine liebevolle Aufmerksamkeit für einen bestimmten Menschen, die perfekte rosa Tischdekoration, oder eine Belohnung an euch selbst, weil ihr die Vorweihnachtszeit bis zum heutigen Tag überstanden habt. Ich habe euch dieses Bouquet im Wert von 50€ zusammengestellt, dass euch bis zum 20.12 geliefert wird. Es enthält weiße AVALANCHE+® Rosen, eine exotische große Protea und rosa Wildrosen, umhüllt von Eucalyptus. Kommentiert einfach unter diesem Bild auf Instagram und ich lose am Donnerstag, dem 15.12 den Gewinner aus. Viel Erfolg!



I started to wear colors again - as you can see, I got a little tired of monochrome minimalism. So this season I added not only this popping blue to my capsule wardrobe, but also yellow, which you will see in some of my upcoming posts. The approach is to keep the shapes simple, as I wear my Zign STUDIO Boots that resemble the sharp facade of the Philharmonic Orchestra, paired with my first tailor made piece of clothing ever: A chino pant by Selfnation. The loose fit allows to layer some pairs of wool tights below, which are beyond essential facing the Berlin Winter and the coldest wind. Having reduced my wardrobe to 50 pieces, I will keep on until I have 33 only. And a good pair of loose black pants have been on the list for a while. 

Boots: Zign STUDIO*
Pants: Selfnation*
Coat: ZARA, similar here
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim, similar here or here


Travel: Milan for Minimalists / Architecture Guide

Milan was the escape-Berlin trip I booked for my birthday. Since I never was the type of person who plans too much, I just let it all come as it should and see: I accidentally had the greatest company on earth by Juule and Alice. I am pretty grateful that I can call those two spontaneous ladies my friends - especially because we had some massive foodporn going on, besides this architecture guide which I will present you in a second. Overall, I must admit that I am a huge Milan fan. The Area we stayed in was Navigli and located at the canal. As soon as you come closer to the city center, you see skyscrapers and the most charming restaurants. I will definitely visit Milan again, but for now, feel free to enjoy my top 6 locations for Architecture lovers: