How to make yourself happy.

I found myself infront of the mirror - hating myself constantly for not being sure about those basic questions everyone has sometimes: "Am I doing what I want to do?" "Am I happy with the job I´m doing?" "Why am I such a loser having wintertime depressions since autumn?" I´m seriously not a content person and most of the time searching for ways to make myself happier. I figured out, how it works for me:

1. If I brush my teeth, I´m a little more happy then before
2. Meeting my friends (especially HER ) turns me a bit nerdy, but still I´m happy then
3. trying out new things (even if I just talk about eating Dragon Fruit the first time) is pretty helpful 
4. Watching Napoleon Dynamite dancing is the best thing ever
5. Eating Lemons has a positive effect 
6. Writing Postcards from nowhere to people I havent seen a long time
7. Give all the coins you have with you to a homeless
8. clean out stuff you dont need anymore and donate it
9. cuddle your cat. Or flatmate. Or Neighbor 
10. Thinking about the Person, who turns every sadness into nothing, E.L.


  1. Napoleon Dynamite. :D

    Die Bluse ist übrigens sehr sehr schön. :) Und du ja sowieso.

  2. Love the way you look :D

  3. bist du ein dezemberkind?

  4. bist du ein dezemberkind?

  5. Ich kenn das- Winterdepressionen und ständiges Kopf-Zerbrechen. Shoppen hilft mir und Ausräumen, das total. x

  6. schöner post :) es sind wirklich die kleinigkeiten, die einen glücklicher stimmen können ♥

  7. Truly cool post, make me wanna do all the things I love right now :) xx