DIY: If I can build a Lamp, you can build a Lamp, too.

Which is the absolute Truth: If I can do this with both of my left hands, you can do it even better. I once just felt like decorating my room with loads of copper treasures, which might become quite expensive, when only buying them ready-made in modern living stores. But a better possibility to light up my room AND giving it an industrial touch in my current favorite metal is just to go to the Hardware Store and get some supplies:

- A wire with a switcher and a fused plug
- copper pipe
- a huge Bulb 
- light fitting
- screws
- screwdriver

Actually, the most complicated thing about this, is to connect two wires with the light fitting. the Rest is your Minds Pleasure. Let your Fantasy bloom and if you're in doubt, ask the people in the hardware store. I requested a light fitting and wires that would be able to be used with a 230 Volt light bulb. 


  1. sehr cool :) ich liebe deine Zimmereinrichtung !

  2. Amazing! A gal with style, creativity, & brains! Adoring your blog! & Looking forward to your future posts! ;D

    <3 Carsla
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    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  3. Nice inspo!

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