the Kitchen is my favorite Place - 8 cheap tricks

So, this is the Place, where I, which is ridiculous, spent most of my time. Regarding the fact, that I´m not able to cook (its not only my skills, also, the oven is not connected yet..) - I am here for quite a time. its the brightest room and also, the high ceiling makes it easier for me to think. I did not have much stuff to put in the kitchen, ever since I moved in my own apartment and most of the stuff I owned was left behind in my old Roomys kitchen. But slowly it became my favorite Room - tough I have a 1-Room flat, but you know what I mean, if you have a kitchen that size, you would call it a Room, too. To give you an Idea of managing an empty Apartment if you have a low budget, as me - I wrote my 8 Tipps for making a place nicer:

1. Plants. 
I never believed in them, since I always forgot to water them, but they make quite a change. Imagine those pictures without any Plants, no green, no nice Pots - it would be horrible! They are normally really cheap and living as long as you take care of them, they become more than only decoration, they make 99% of the nice feeling you have, when you get home.

2. Mixing Materials. 
Don't be scared to mix leather, lace, cotton and different kinds of woods and metals - it only looks cheap, if the style of them has no connection! When I still lived with my mum (long long time ago) she always used to say that a kitchen must be bought in a "set"  - only chrome or only shiny metal and everything looks the same. Otherwise it seems cheap. 
I say: Mix whatever you like, if you have a specific favorite style which every piece has at least a tiny bit, it will look warm and nice :)

3. Accept gifts. 
You never know, when you will be in need for something, if its a single chair (as the nice one in the corner, I got from my beautiful swedish friends) take it. Unless its really crappy - but you know what I mean. Don't be too proud or too shy. Just take whatever you can get (and like at the same time) which leads me to the next point:

4. Fleamarkets and Garage Sales. 
It´s so much fun to go through other peoples pre-loved vintage pieces, clean them, pimp them, make them yours. Every piece of furniture in my kitchen is from flea markets or were gifted to me. sometimes, I would just use a coffer, instead of a shelf. The light blue one on my pictures used to be grey and broken, but you have hands and you can fix them. So do it, its worth it! You definitely can make better than the mainstream, SO:

5. Avoid IKEA and co. as much as possible
I do have spoons, knifes, plates and a cullender from IKEA - Also, the Table´s Legs are from IKEA. And the wooden case boards. So much for that. But what I wanna say is, that nothing is visibly IKEA - Those are necessary things and not the statement pieces of my kitchen. Because in Fact, its really expensive to buy chairs, tables and shelves at low price: You will get tired of them quickly, because everyone else is having them, too. There is a reason, why the chairs from the 60´s are 54 years old, now. Because they are really well made.

6. Decoration
There is this one skeleton on my Wall, which I absolutely admire. It might be a bit creepy for some people, but I do have a heart for him and its an eye-catcher. Sometimes, there is only one thing needed to make a whole room amazing. So invest in nice Prints, Posters or Maps.

7. Warm is a feeling, not a color.
I am a moody person. Sometimes I feel like painting my walls, but I won't - of course, white walls won't radiate a warm ambience. But its not on the walls color to do that - its not even on any color to intend any feeling. What really is important to me for a cozy ambience are (as in the first point) plants and textiles! Even a draped, colorful blanket can already change a lot (:

8. it´s OK to get yourself Flowers.
And actually not expensive. You won't really need a whole fresh bouquet in every single Room each three days, but two Lillies are enough to fill a vase and each one costs 2,50€ - which is not much to create a feeling of being at a posh´s person apartment. Just kidding, I´m not posh, but those Lillies are closed the first few days, open one after another and so there is always a slight scent in the air. 
Also, if you cut each few days a tiny bit off and get rid of the withered blossoms on time, they will stay fresh longer. Mine are usually fresh enough for 10-12 days. Thats less than 15€ a month - a good deal :)


  1. Great deco inspo!

  2. Great photos and great tips !
    The kitchen looks really gorgeous :)

  3. Wow großes Kompliment! Die Bilder sehen aus als wären sie direkt aus freundevonfreunden.com entsprungen :)

  4. Wunderbarer Post! Ich glaube das muss ich mir für unsere WG Küche auch vornehmenen :)

    Lg Michaela

  5. Wow, darf ich einziehen? :D

  6. Oh Gott, bin ich neidisch auf deine Truhe! Da werde ich mal meine Augen offen halten beim nächsten Flohmarkt.
    Richtig schöne Küche, in der würde ich gleich wohnen bleiben wollen. Wer braucht schon ein weiteres Zimmer bei so einem Prachtzimmer?

  7. Wunderbare Tipps und noch viel wunderbarere Küche!
    Die Pflanzen lassen den Raum irgendwie exotisch wirken und die Retro Möbel gemütlich. :)

  8. I can see why you love this room so much, it's just gorgeous! I've never really thought much about plants (although, my mother has a couple around the house) but yes, they really do liven up a space! x

  9. Omg, das sieht aus wie aus einem Katalog. Zwar ist das eigentlich nicht mein Stil, aber ich finde es sieht einfach total schön aus. Und die Tipps sind auch super zusammengestellt, ich werde nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall darauf zurückgreifen, falls ich es dann schaffe auszuziehen. :)

  10. i really adore your kitchen!


  11. I agree! Totally love your kitchen, it looks amazing! Great tips as well, especially the one about plants. They really make a room so much more alive and warm.

  12. Deine Küche sieht richtig toll aus ehrlich und finde es toll, dass du IKEA probierst zu meiden, bin da nämlich auch nicht so der Fan von!

  13. Absolutely lovely kitchen!!! <3