the not so sporty spice/ Part1

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Besides from buying less, being more active is one of my main goals in 2015 - Since the fitness studio "Superwoman" is the closest studio to start off with a workout ( a good sign is to be too lazy to walk to a fitness studio), my motivation raised from 0 - 10%. Which is not much. But I must admit, after my very first workout, I felt not unmotivated, but weak. Everyone around me seemed to be okay with lifting 20 KG, while I struggle staying for more than 10 Minutes on a Stepper.
I´m not kidding. So I thought about doing maybe both: not only training inside a studio, but also practicing something, I used to be good at and really liked: Running and Swimming. (I mean, lets say I liked it, I have never been a sporty person) - But I want to change that! I do not want to get stuck with being skinny but weak, I want to lift at least the camera with that enormous lense at concerts for more than a few minutes and I want to hike on the Azores with no break and on my own. And I will. For sure. 

You should stay tuned for the journey from the laziest person, to that sporty girl that helps you with your shopping bags ;)


  1. I have absolutely no motivation either! I used to enjoy running and a 5k was the last time I ever ran which was in 2012! I don't want to be weak anymore either, it's just so hard, mentally, to get into gear.


  2. Ein sehr schöner Post ! :)


  3. This is like my most wanted bikini everrrrrr! x

  4. arrr... Ich liebe Triangl <3 Dieser Bikini ist wunderschön!
    Top NIKE auch sehr gut. Ich muss kaufen :P

  5. Ich bin verliebt in deinen Blog! Er ist wunderschön genauso wie deine Bilder!
    Du hast jetzt einen neuen Fan :)
    Liebe grüße, Lisa


  6. Ohja du darfst dann gerne meine Einkaufstüten tragen haha! Nein aber sehr schöne Teile :) und hoffe, dass wir es in den Semesterferien endlich mal wieder schaffen uns zu sehen :)

  7. Die Bikinis von Triangl sind so mega nur leider ganz schön Teuer ^^ :)