Packing for 17 days - backpack only

"Essentials" - one of those words which are used in nearly every context - "oh, yeah, soy milk is an essential in every fridge." - "do you like this floral macbook case? its an essential for me." - And however, it´s probably really something wich differs a lot from person to person. When I decided that I´m too lazy for an extra suitcase and that it will not be possible to travel from island to island with luggage, I knew that I can not fit everything in my Backpack. A lot, still, but not everything. So I took some time to decide what Essentials are. At least, for me:

1. A Jacket, real leather, big enough to wear it with thick wool but well shaped, so I can wear a dress with it. The weather will be somewhere between 15 and 28 °C - which makes me overthink a lot. I will get summer and early spring, so I prepare myself with some leather.

2. A Skirt/ Bermudas / Dr Denim Jeans, which I will wear on the plane. Bottoms that are made of thin material fit easily in my Backpack - if it gets colder (or my jeans are dirty) I can still wear it with tights. 

3. Basic Tees: A white and a striped one - Oversized with a V-Neck - that one is easy! There is no way to say no to a good relaxed basic Tee. 

4. Turtle Necks (Heat Tech): You will always look chic as hell in a good tight turtleneck. I took a navy and a white one with me. if its getting colder, I can layer them.

5. A Hoody: clearly for a bit colder evenings, at home, with the leather jacket if its getting too cold or just in the mornings, when I´m out for a walk. 

6. One thick Jumper: It was hard not to choose grey or black. But I did. I took the bluest thing in my closet and will wear it with skirts, at night, or on my flight back home. 

7. light trainers - for a walk in the city. I have extra shoes for hiking, which are too heavy for the backpack, so I will wear them on the flight.

8. A Bikini. Of course, I mean, 28°C - mine is from Triangl Swimwear and has the perfect fit.

9. My Sunnies. The best shape for me is the Ray Ben Cats. 

10. A Tablet - cause no laptop will hold me back. 


  1. Toller "Taschen-Inhalt"! Ich mag die Schuhe sehr!
    Celine Marie von http://waterfallsalttears.blogspot.de/

  2. I really need to say well done on narrowing down your 'essentials' as there is no way I'd be able to!! I always seem to over pack but may just take some tips from this post for when I go on holiday :)

  3. Das würde für mich niemals reichen :/ ich würde noch ein paar Oberteile mehr einpacken, man weiß nie was kommt und waschen kann man ja meist nicht. Ich hoffe es wird alles so wie du es dir vorstellst! :)

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  5. Richtig toller Post & Bilder :*

    Liebe Grüße <3
    Von http://petiteecherieee.blogspot.de/?m=1

  6. Love it!!


  7. Sehr gute Wahl :)
    für 17 Tage mit nur so wenig Dingen auszukommen muss echt schwierig sein.

    All my Love. MS

  8. And those would be the best items!
    Good choice.

  9. Love your selection! Great bra!

  10. Richtig gute Wahl, ich glaube ich würde immer versagen, wenn ich nur einen Rucksack hätte. Vor allem weil ich im Packen eine totale Niete bin. :D