Blogging Tipps 1: Planing your Posts and Time Management

When I decided that I want to start a blog, (about 5 1/2 years ago) - I never actually thought, that people would read the shit loads of words I type on those blank spaces blogspot offers me. But after all those years and some statistics, I want to share some tipps with you guys how to keep your blog-visits up and the content interesting, even if you only have little time to take care of it. 

1. Anticipation
Nothing is better than looking forward to something. Especially when it comes to good content! I don't read many blogs, but the ones I read are special, because they offer specific topics on specific days and I can rely on those posts. For Example the vegan "Cook with me Monday" by Jasmin, which is the perfect start in a week when I have no idea what to cook. Or the Cherry Picks by Amazedmag.de on Fridays.
2. What makes your Blog special? (for you and the readers)
Talking about topics, Its really important to TAG your Posts. Some readers are more Interested in Outfits, some people love Flatlays and New-Ins. Find your Topics and create series of them to make it clearly represented to the visitors and readers what your blog is about and then look to TIP 1 and publish them on specific days. 

3. Time Management
Planing can be tough, if you have a full-time Job, intense studies or you're just a lazy coward like me. If so, then just look through your calendar which days are too tough to post a lot, including editing photos, writing and preparing (food, dys, etc.) for me, Tuesdays and Mondays are the hell on earth with classes till the evening and exhausting work-out plans. Also, just use the option to publish them automatically in the next morning, so you can reach a higher amount of readers. So thats how my plans look like:

Monday: an Outfitpost (prepared on Sunday)
Tuesday: a Wishlist/Inspirationpost (easy to prepare, takes only a little time)
Wednesday: probably nothing cause I need to rest from the other two days.
Thursday: Holy Reads, cause I read a lot on Wednesday. 
Friday: A quick preview of a New In, or an Outfit in one picture (also easy one)
Saturday: probably nothing cause its Saturday and I might be out taking Outfit-Photos
Sunday: A well prepared Post which is longer and has one topic (announced on Friday via all Social Media I use)

pictures via pinterest.com


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