BEAUTY: All time Favorites

Asking a true Beauty Guru what Make Up they use is one thing. But I am so lazy that once I found a Product that worked for me, I would never ever try something new again. Last time we had some serious talk about Skin Care when you have problematic Skin, big Pores and enough Oil to serve... well, lets stop it here. And this time we face the truth: I don't really leave my house without some basic beauty products on my face. Not because I want to be pretty for somebody or feel ashamed otherwise, but because I just like to look good - and have the most massive shadows under my eyes. So, my Favorites:

1.) The Manhattan Cover Stick - I use shade 3. I tried so many concealers, from clarins to chanel (Actually I tried so many of my Mums expensive concealers and from time to time I went to make up stores and tried other ones) But I always had melting ones, that only disappear or didn't really cover what you wanted to cover. But then I tried this one when I went to my friends Bathroom (thanks Ana) and had to get it right away. Its so cheap (2€) and really really covers everything yet blends out perfectly with your skin. Also, it stays where it should. 

2.) Tripple Moist Foundation - &otherstories (15€) I do use SPF on a daily base. Winter or Summer, it doesn't matter. And this Foundation just combines Moisturizing, SPF, reduces Shiny Spots and looks really natural, once you found your shade. Its a bit expensive but it also wouldn't get stuck in your pores and this is just perfect for me. 

3.) L´Occitane Lip Balm (6€) - it has this Shea Butter scent and takes care of your Lips, when you don't. 

4.) My only Chanel lipstick - got it at the airport because a woman told me to buy it and I was scared. But also found the perfect matte shade of red for me - La Fascinate - sounds chic as hell and looks great with any hair color. I have it for more than two years now.

5.) Urban Decay Naked 2 - I use the brown shade a lot (as you can see) to fill my eyebrows and the lightest shade without shimmer for my concealer and eyelids. Also, I ade a bit shimmer to highlight my cheeks and the copper shade as bronzer/blush - but always only a tiny bit :)

6.) since I barely use any mascara in the summertime, I go for a soft natural one from ALVERDE - its cheap natural cosmetic from the drug store and only covers my lashes a bit to give them a black tint. it won't get off too easily and its no drama when you forget to take it off, because the ingredients won't kill your lashes. 


  1. love this palette!


  2. "A woman told me to buy it and I was scared" lol, omg girl I can't even, I've been there, luckily your purchase was super gorgeous - love that lippy