BEAUTY: Beyer und Söhne Review und Event

We already had this talk about beauty routine, taking care of your skin is not only necessary, but also a treat for yourself. Anti-Aging might sound a bit confusing, since I am 23 years old, but actually, I do already care about it in certain way: I always use Sun Protection and occasionally use an eye-cream. Learning more about the Beyer and Söhne skin care attending a pretty nice get together was not only yummie but also worthwhile, because I found another skin care not using any silicones, parabenes  or anything else that could irritate my skin. (And also, they do not any animal testing, of course.) We will see how it works for me, I am looking forward to the results (:


  1. Das sieht nach einem tollen Event aus! :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ MS
    Sparkle & Sand

    1. Danke, Mareike, es war ganz schön (:

  2. Beautiful photos.

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