BEAUTY: My Aveda Haircolor

Did you realize my hair is not that yellow anymore? We tried out to take the damaging color out of them, since I was using blonde spray over the past few months. I always was really cautious about using it and only applied it when I knew I would wash my hair in the next 8-12 hours anyway instead of leaving it in for days. However, still blonde spray left a yellow shine on my hair which was not natural looking at all and the Neo Berlin Studio had to spend around two and a half hours on fixing that again, and what came out is a quite amazing color with a feathery slight "ombre" color fade from the roots to the ends. It had to be bleached and toned and was finished with a purple glossing - can you believe that this one consists of natural Aveda Colors? Its not damaged after the bleach and also there is no need to dye anymore after my roots got my natural hair color back and the brown blends perfectly over in the blonde. I really am happy with my hair right now and can only recommend you to search for the closest Studio offering AVEDA colors, so you can make sure to end up with a natural color that wouldn't kill you hair. Again, I can only thank Oliver who made this happen again and again, I feel really good with the new look :)

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