COOKING: Chia Pancakes

Welcome to the chia-hype train. Take a seat and have a pancake, because I usually only had it in the really easy way and prepared some chia puddings or put them on top of my fruit bowls in the morning, but they are so easy to prepare and do not really have an own taste that they make a really nice allround ingredient for all kinds of food. I do have a really nice recipe which works for vegans as well as for sugar-avoiders and is absolutely satisfying your sweet tooth. Which I say as a person who has been eating that for three days in a row ;) All you need for 12 mid-sized or 20 small pancakes is here:
5 big spoons of spelt flour
125gr Blueberrys 
1,5 big spoons of chia seeds
1 small spoon of backing soda
3 big spoons of plant oil (I use soy oil, but its up to you)
2 spoons of egg-free powder or, optional, 2 eggs (tried both, same same, but different)
Agave syrup, as much as you need
a bit of soy/almond/rice/coconut milk

well pancakes are one easy thing to do, you mix up the ingredients and try to mix flour and soda first, so you get a well puffy and soft pancake in the end. and of course, you´ll have to fry them. since you use blueberries, you wouldn't do the mistake of having a too hot pan, and also, you keep the blueberry out until you fried one side well, so you just let them on the surface of the raw side, before you turn them around. so, go for it and fry me a river. or a chia pancake, yummy! 


  1. This recipe is truly AMAZING!! Can't wait to test it tomorrow :3

    1. yeahi!♥ tell me how it worked out!