FOOD: Transit in Berlin

Now we´re getting to my absolute favorite Restaurant here in Berlin. I barely go there because I do not want to get tired of/used to it, only on special occasions, as when Juule was visiting me or on my 23. Birthday, which I spent there with my best friend. Its always beyond delicious and so much fun to choose your asian tapas along of rice or noodles. My favorites are the Fried sticks which comes as tofu as well as prawn sticks with a heavenly guacamole or the tofu salad with veggie chips and a spicy sauce. Each small dish is 3€, Rice/Noodles 1€ - a big dish is around 7-9€. Sounds fair, right? Did I already mention that the restaurant itself is beautiful and modern? The colorful lamps on the ceiling and the dark furniture contribute a sophisticated allround feeling. Also, damn you have to try the chocolate-mousse. Its the best on earth and always sold out..
 Rosenthaler Str. 68, 
10119 Berlin