Cook: White Berry Bites

This is me, baking in the kitchen at work,  because my oven decided to be broken, now that its finally winter. Great! I don't feel like eating warm food anyway, when its so cold outside. (Of course I do. I miss Lasagne..) Well, C´est la vie - and since today, on the 11th of October is international Granny Day, we should find an oven and bake for the one who usually bakes for us. My Grandma used to make "Pelmeni" which is not a cookie, but made of dough - its stuffed with strawberries or marmalade and one of the best things you can eat in east-europen countries to satisfy your sweet tooth. She used to make them on special occasions only, which means friday, sunday and sometimes on wednesdays, haha - I love the fact that the stereotype, that grannies always over-feed their grandchildren works out in nearly every family. But food is not the only thing they give us. They are have this warmth and caring way and if they hug, they hug you with all their heart. This is why we should keep in mind that its granny day. Call them, you might haven't done that for a while (like me) - or just surprise them with a visit, with cookies or flowers, because they deserve it. Happy Granny Day!

the taste was better than the look, this is real life, not pinterest. In collaboration with Blume2000

Sweater by ROMWE 


  1. Looks delicious!!

  2. i love those ready to bake bottle cookies :D
    love, catlée


    1. they are so easy to prepare (:

  3. Ich finde deinen Look trotzdem ganz toll. Vor allem dein Pullover mit dem tollen Strickmuster ist ein echter Hingucker - ebenso wie dein schönes Lachen! :) Sieht auf jeden Fall nach einer Menge Spaß aus.
    Und ja - du hast so Recht! Omis backen bei jeder besonderen Gelegenheit (also eigentlich fast immer), aber bei meiner Mama Zuhause ist das mittlerweile auch ähnlich. :)
    Liebste Grüße und einen guten Start in die neue Woche,
    Christina von http://lifeas-christina.blogspot.de

    1. danke dir! ich muss meistens lachen wenn ich fremde bitte, mal kurz ein Foto zu schießen :D