First, First: I never actually ate Bibimbap before, nor did I know what that even was. SO: You´re getting a tip from a total Bibimbap-beginner. To explain: This Bowls consist of rice, then they put an egg on top and in-between the choices have an open-end: kimchi, other asian food stuff which names I cannot pronounce and noodles, veggies, yummie. My Boyfriend didn't liked it too much, he also wouldn't get as impressed by interior like me. So if you just want a really good looking place to eat out for lunch around Moritzplatz in Berlin, you might give PACIFICO a try. I also liked my SEOUL Bowl a lot, Bae did just not choose the right dish I guess. The Prices are around 5,90 without toppings (Meat), so you definitely will not be hungry after one Bowl. I will definitely come back again.
Oranienstrasse 147