Beauty: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This one is another marketing gag I stumbled over when reading Harper and Harley, my all time favorite Blog by Sara Donaldson from Australia. Always admiring her beatiful skin, face, hair, everything, I saw her reviewing the infamous Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Serum at the Age of 26. And I turned 24 recently. Doing some research, I realized, this is not even too early. I have some tiny wrinkles already but never really mind taking care of them by night - since I use SPF on a daily base. Since nothing scares me as much as looking like my mother who is 43 now and never heard of SPF and instead tans on a daily base, I took action - and it was so easy. 

ABOUT My SKIN: I have a problematic skin with big pores and many dry spots between oily spots. Sounds great, right? I don't always have pimples, but if I have, they are below the skin, if you understand what I mean. Unreachable yet visible. I also added an honest - no make up picture("Before" ...with a little lip care). As you can see, there are plenty of dark spots and all in all an uneven, but not dramatically bad look. I still go outside with no make up. 

USE: First washing my face, and remove all the makeup gently. Then, every second evening, I use 2-3 drops for the whole face - before applying a little extra moisturizer by avene on the dry spots only.  This is not much! and the serum spreads over the whole face and leaves a good feeling after quickly soaking in. ATTENTION: Its not for the eyes, leave them out of your routine, because this Serum is too much for the thin skin around that area. 
Afterwards (20 Minutes later) I add some extra moisturizer under my eyes and on dry spots. 

Next morning: Looking better and better. I keep up my routine and put on some moisturizer after washing my face. Even during autumn/winter: At least 20 SPF. Afterwards, there is nothing more than lip care, eyebrows and a light BB cream. done! Baby powder to take the shine and set the bb cream around the eyes and I feel well.

3 weeks later - After: You can leave the bb cream, you look okay. I must admit though, that my skin got dryer in general. I started recently to add the moisturizer over my whole face after using the Serum. You might realize that my skin looks a little dry on the "after" picture. So there might be another update on the Serum Use soon :)

Price: I know, 116€ for 50ml sounds expensive, because it is expensive - but using it dropwise I´ve read that a PR sample of 7ml was enough for 5 weeks daily use. If someone is interested in getting discounted products from the advanced night repair series, you can get them for 77€ for 50ml. Or maybe you have already found your perfect routine? Tell me about it!


  1. Klingt gut, aber mir wäre es definitiv zu teuer :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥
    Mai von Sparkle & Sand

    1. ja das finde ich auch schade daran :( bin mir nicht sicher ob ich mir das einfach so kaufen könnte..

  2. Ein wirklich tolles Ergebnis. Aber ich kann mich da Mai nur anschließen. Mir ist es auch zu teuer.

    Liebste Grüße
    Vossi | http://www.modiami.com

    1. ja das ist immer das problem bei guter Kosmetik :/ hab auch noch keine günstige alternative gefunden.

  3. Thank you for the great tips! Your skin looks lovely. :-)
    April xx


    1. thank you finally someone who really thinks this after seeing it with no make up :D ♥