Meet: Konni of enVogue

I must admit that I feel like a gold digger, finding all those amazing Blogs with barely 100 Readers. This one, for example has 50 by now. A real insider-tip I could say! Konni is a student/model and seems to have a weakness for patches and special accessories. At the same time, she manages to balance street style and a classic chic to develop her very own clean outfits. Also, she takes the time to write for us, which is rare these days (writing a very short post myself right now.. haha) But getting straight to the point: Her Blog is amazing, she is looks pretty as hell and I love that smily patch on her shirt!


  1. Wow. Die Bilderauswahl sieht schon mal richtig toll aus. Ich werde auf jeden Fall bei ihr vorbeischauen!
    Liebste Grüße,
    Christina von http://lifeas-christina.blogspot.de