Mind: Why Blogging can be a pain in the ass and how to avoid frustration

I know, I am sometimes not so good with words, but what I definitely know is that there are ways to destroy every little fun of (hobby) blogging, when you wake up once with crazy high expectations or just see all those instagrammers living "the" live. Here is a little guide for keeping the fun in the blogging and not getting crazy:

1. Expectations vs. Reality
In 2017, I will reach 100.000 Followers on Instagram and the Brands will finally take me serious and I´ll get a car endorsed. Sounds crazy? Because its not happening. This is an expectation that depends on so many factors, that I simply cannot control it. I cannot tell if Instagram will still exist, nor will be cool by 2017 (do you remember myspace?) And also I cannot tell if any Brand will still endorse Bloggers. However, I cannot expect anything I cannot control 100% - and its okay! I don't want to see myself putting up a big plan to gain more followers, I want to enjoy what I do and if something nice, such as an Event, a Sponsorship or a Photoshoot happens, it will be. No need to set the bar irrationally high! If you enjoy what you do, your followers/and Brands will feel that.

2. Compare yourself to...
Anybody who has a similar style/Layout/comes from the same city or has the same hair color? I´ve been there, done that - "she doesn't even look pretty ugh..." and thoughts like that were ugly and poisoned everything I´ve done. Envy is not the right thing to do, if you want to lead a happy life overall. I know, you see those pictures on Instagram, you talk to them on Events or just see them on the streets - people who do it "better" than you. Well, I can remember one Girl (me) got her heart terribly broken but posted pictures from amazing holidays, capturing "paradise" and not even feeling good while doing it. So do not compare yourself to anybody, as long as you don't know all hard facts about their lives.

3. Giving up on...
Anything you liked, because your followers don't like it. What a shame to measure your talents on a post, a picture or a number. Its not - If you really enjoy cooking but your followers prefer your outfit posts, don't stop sharing your recipes. A followership develops over a time, not within days. Be patient, deliver quality content and serve the needs that you have as well as those of your followers. Listen, answer, be a part of the community. 


  1. Super tolle Tipps! Dankeschön <3

    Liebe Grüsse Michaela

  2. Lovely tips and great post! :) Yup...blogging can be a bit frustrating at times, but giving up it´s not an option!