OUTFITS: Best of 2015

Recap, 2015: looks better (means, less embarrassing) than in 2014 and I will dress up less in 2016. Less color, less dresses, more unisex and more comfy. This year was, besides of what I wore, the most adventurous year so far in my life. I did travel seven times, the first time all by myself for a longer period with a backpack and a camera only, quit a job that destroyed me and found a cause to work for. I helped many strangers, found friends and bounded closer with the few ones I have. I found love and a family. Can all that be seen in my outfits? I´m not sure. I can only tell: I feel better, with less accessory, less makeup and less clothes on the rack. I am incredibly grateful, that you all stayed for so long now, following the stories and commenting, e-mailing, reading and reacting. I am looking forward to share even better content with you next year. Thank you.

Spring: Boyish, my absolute favorite Outfit! Find the whole post here.
Dressed down an amazing coat - second favorite, the location is amazing! Find the whole post here. 
this one feld kinda boring, and also still a bit too much. I am not a too big necklace fan anymore. But the simplicity won. Find the whole outfit here.
Bell Sleeves, navy coat. One of the first Outfitpictures I took with Storm. Find the whole post here.
This one was fun! We searched for a black wall for portrait pictures and found this one. Whole post here.
 Divalicious in Vienna. Joule showed me the most amazing church I´ve ever seen. Find the whole post here.
one of the outfits my boyfriend shot. Its taken at the musical department of my university. find the whole post here.
this post features 10 pretty random facts about me, if you want the outfit details, find the post here.


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    1. I am really happy to hear that, Mae (:

  2. your blog and your outfits are a huge inspiration, thank you!

    1. thank you for saying that (: it really makes me smile!

  3. alle outfits sind wunderschön *-*

    liebe grüße♥

  4. super outfits:) xx

  5. All your outfits are amaaazing, my favorite is the last one!

    Blog - Coco made me do this


  6. Superschöne Outfits! ♡ Du hast wirklich einen tollen Stil. :)

    Liebste Grüße
    Lisa von www.confettiblush.com

    1. oh danke Lisa ♥ das freut mich!

  7. Your outfits are always on point !!!

    xoxo ❤
    Watermelon Clouds

    1. thank you Fatima, I´m glad you like them :)