Food: Roamers in Berlin

Roamers in Berlin - A nightmare on weekends, but a great place during the workdays in non-eating hours. I mean, like at 15:38 - its a tiny restaurant, they might have less than 10 Tables and its always very crowded. The Bartenders are way too attractive and at the same time, they look exactly like the guests at Roamers. Thats why I asked the wrong person for a seat on a regular basis. However, one day, I managed to get a table. And Food, so here it is, a critique:
The Food: I had French Toast, Juule had some Bread with Peanutbutter and Banana. The Quality was great, but my french toast did taste like bacon and potatoes. Maybe because they fried it in the same pan as everything else. Coffee: Awesome, nothing more to add. 
Price: Coffee: 2-4€, Cake: 4€ +/- Food: 6€
Pannierstraße 64 - Berlin 
open: 9:30 - 19h (no reservations possible)


  1. Bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen und bin total begeistert von deinem Header - endlich mal wieder was individuelleres als nur ein Schriftzug! ♥

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Es sieht total schön da aus! Und ich finde die Preise gehen ja echt noch. :)