INSPIRATION: ACNE Selow bomberjacket

Is there anybody else who doesn't want to read another post about the pantone colors of the year? Yes? Great, because we all know by now its pink and blue and thats ok for now, really. What is more interesting: ACNE STUDIOS came up with a very sweet bonbon last season - and sadly it was too expensive - even during Sale. More than 600€ is maybe not the amount of money one should spend on a very special Item, which you can not really wear every day. But lucky us got two wonderful alternatives which might solve the pink craving, covered in satin for a while. Honest Talk: I was not able to find the Mango Jacket in Small in Stores, but the Quality of the fabric was not too good - The ADPT. One is not as cheap as the MANGO one, but you definitely feel the difference - also, its not the Pantone color of the year and so you are allowed to wear it in 2017 as well ;) You can get it here.

Photo of Stairs: Baptiste de Ville d'array, First Painting: Helene Delmaire, Colorblock Painting: Heather Day (Untitled, 2005), Fashion Photo: Jil Sander


  1. Love that pink pastel bomber from Mango! So awesome...Mango just has the best clothes ever, at a very good price. :)


    1. mango is indeed great! :)

  2. Richtige coole Jacke !!
    Muss ich direkt mal meiner Freundin zeigen haha :)

    lg marc

  3. Oh, gut dass du mich daran erinnerst! Ich brauche auch unbedingt eine Bomberjacke für's Frühjahr. Da ich bald einen Shoppingtrip nach London mache, werde ich mich dort auf jeden Fall mal nach einer umsehen! :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Christina von http://lifeas-christina.blogspot.de

    1. oh viel spass in London! ❤