Current Political Issues for people with little attention

I prepared the most important political news for you, based on dpa short news (reliable facts, neutral source.) Since I know that people are so busy nowadays, we still need to be updated and more important: Involved. The current situation is not just about Germany, Brussels or Europe.  Its a whole representation of the current zeitgeist which lacks of sympathy and empathy. We need to get those facts straight first:

1) the right-winged AFD and the Elections in Germany

This is not a secret at all, it was on media everywhere - but to make this more simple: The most radical right-winged Party that appeared in years and also came up with a sick solution for the refugee crisis a few weeks ago: Shooting them at the border - was still voted into the state parliament in already three big federal states. So, after this statement bei Frauke Petri, the Face of the Party, they reached so many votes in the regional elections, which are voted by the german residents? yes, sad but true.

2) Idomeni 

One of the worst Refugee Camps in Europe, it even doesn't seem to be in Europe, thats how medieval the circumstances are. Mothers are giving birth in dirt,  everything is surrounded by garbage and there is no water, no food for the 13.000 People living at the Greek/Macedonian border. Currently, they want to ship everyone away from there, back to greece, turkey (as the deal below) and far away from the security they need. 500 People are currently protesting against their departure. 

3) the EU-Turkey Deal

the basic consent of the deal is, to send back every "irregular" refugee, landing at the greek islands, to turkey - and they are willing to take them back. In exchange, Europe is taking a "regular" syrian refugee from turkey. Sounds like some kind of roulette - exchange with no sense behind it? to me as well. The fact that they want to bring back the refugees to turkey that arrive from the 20.3, makes no sense. Is turkey able to take another millions of people? There are already three million displaced people in turkey, living in terrible camps and this so called "european solution" is just the beginning of a bigger problem, which is not clear in detail yet. 

4) the Brussel Attacks 

the reason, why this post was not written yesterday. The shock is immense, since I don't want to give the IS any platform, I will not mention them again. Those Terror attacks are not the thing we should discuss, since they seem random and not planned from a center, but from personal, decentralized hate. 
I can tell you the numbers of insured, dead people - but those facts don't change the fact, that the fear is taking over and this is what we need to avoid. Its not about "Je suis Paris"- Istanbul, Cote d´Ivoire, Beirut, Brussels, Ankara or Somalia. Its about getting the facts straight and facing the danger, from which we need to protect each other with nothing else than love.  No matter where we are from and how we look like. If we all protect each other, despite any fraud, we can be stronger than that - this is what they want to steal and this is what we don't want to happen. Lets stick together this time. 


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