MINIMALIST HACKS: How to Pack less

Traveling to sunny Barcelona next week with my amazing Juule, I faced my most hated ritual: Packing. This sounds easy, but its not. I love to travel, but I hate to carry a bag or any luggage with me. Especially from Airport to Airport and then to the Airbnb Appartement - I might be to lazy for low budget journeys without cabs and cars. Anyway, a true minimalist will not need too much and knows how to reduce the content of your bag to a minimum. I collected some tips that helped me a lot to reduce the weight I carry with me, especially on short trips! Us girls tend to take too many pieces of clothing with us, because "just in case..." - so, let us embrace the minimalist philosophy on packing and start! Challenge accepted:

1) One Color Board
For me, this is the most helpful tip: It makes it easier for you to combine every piece with each other! If you get tired of your outfits or you want to change the look real quick, its the best to know already your own preferences. I have chosen White and Black as normal/boring base and love to add natural tones like brown or navy to it. However you like it, you can decide which colors you take with you. Since white, black and grey doesn't count, you can add up to two other colors, to be still able to combine everything while still looking chic.

2) Think in Outfits
You might have known this before. But in the Past, I made the mistake to take uncombined-able and not re-combinable clothes with me such as dresses and Playsuits. Also a minus: If your dress is dirty, its dirty. You cannot change the top or the bottom, its just dirty and the dress-game is over. Think in Outfits and have at least the same amount of bottoms and tops with you.

3) Layer 
Not only because it looks cool - but to stay warm/dress for every weather situation. Its a short play to take of a jumper or to get rid of the thermo long sleeve below your shirt - and also, it makes packing easier, when you travel between two different climate zones. Since I will start in Germany and ists always kinda cold, I will layer everything for the way to the airport and after the arrival, I will just take the five layers off and put them in my bag.

4) Two pairs of shoes 
This sounds like the contrary of minimal packing to you? But its healthier for your feet. If you're like me and Juule, you´d rather spent your 3€ on Ice-Cream than on public transportation and so you will definitely walk. And changing your shoes is crucial for your precious feet. I highly recommend one pair of incredibly comfy sandals - mine are from NEOSENS and have a nice, thicker sole and a pair of Sneakers.

5) Bring your favorite pieces with you
A little bit of home has always be to be with you. The good thing about minimizing overall is, that you really start to appreciate your belongings. Such as your favorite Shirt, Perfume or Sunnies. Wherever you take them, you will have a tiny bit of home with you. Also: As long as they are really your favorites, you know that you took the right things with you and would need something else or more of it.

Striped Shirt by Edited 
Minimal Sandals by NEOSENS
White Shirt by H&M Trend, Similar here
Bomber Jacket by ADPT.
Adidas Stan Smith in white
Cos Culottes in Caramel, Similar here
Long sleeves with Mockneck by Edited
BYREDO Perfume "Mojave Ghost"
Marble Case for Travel Documents Snupped

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  1. This is a great post, Diana! I dread packing too because I always want to bring everything so I have "options," but half the time I don't wear any of the things I packed!