Minima/Lists: D like Decor

D like Decor. And talking about that, I mean stuff for your home which will make it look basic-pinterestique (thats french for "everybody's favorite internet home). Because, lets forget individualism for a while and think about all those inspiring pictures we see on a daily base. Of course I want that too. Of course I cannot buy all these things. But we can get closer to them. Sometimes a single chair can make a whole room appear completely different. For me, its about time to restyle a wire chair that someone else wanted to throw away, while still craving for the MENU Wire Chair in White. I am about to sort out some decor, so its quite funny to collect stuff that is not very necessary in a home at all. So I just reduced the upcoming minima list to the basic things, that are timeless and chic. Minimalistic decoration doesn't need a room full of other accessories, they will look great on their own. Enjoy this sundays MINIMA/LIST, next weeks is all about E Like Ecofriendly!

Bedroom Edit:

Bloomingville Lamp
White Bedding
Marble Mirror
Menu Wire Chair (on Sale)
Ferm Living Box Table


  1. love these home decoration!


  2. I'm not really a minimalist person in my style but I love it in home decor, so many gorgeous pieces here!

  3. love this inspo board. i've been trying to redo my room and make it more into how i want it to look. this totally helps! x