NEW IN: Ace and Tate Specs

After 5 years, my Boyfriend replaced his old glasses with a chic pair of ACE&TATE Specs named "Bates". We went to the store in Berlin on a Saturday afternoon (I know, not the most relaxed day for a shopping trip) and tried on every single pair. I don't know why I tried them on, but glasses always have this hidden magic for me. I need to know which ones I could wear in case of loosing my 150% vision - also, its just natural to try them on since the store just looks gorgeous and I wanted to stay there and entertain myself with a decision which was not mine. However, my boyfriend was pretty picky and this is okay, because a frame for a face might be a decision that change your whole appearance, but we found a pair that suites him.  The special Thing about them is the price: they are very affordable and still well made. So we might think about getting a few more, because they change  a big part of your appearance, so why not change them from time to time?

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