Food: Brunch at Ungeheuer Neukölln

I love sundays! Especially if you know you will get some really good food prepared for you, from someone else with love.  I usually search at Stil in Berlin for places to eat, but this one surprised me when a friend decided to spent her Birthday there (at Night) I had a glance at the menu and wanted to eat there, so I checked their Facebook and was slightly amazed when I saw their fruity decor. I am, as I usually say, very easy to impress. And thats great, because my expectations are very low when it comes to food (I grew up with a working mum who had like 0 cooking skills.) However, UNGEHEUER in Neukölln offers a great balanced menu with not too many options (which I also like) and has as many vegetarian options as meat eater options. I had an omelet (veggie) and my boyfriend went for the vegan brunch. I think the price was absolutely reasonable for the stuffing food we got (mine was 7€, the vegan brunch was like 10€)
if you're free on a sunday, just get them on the phone, ask them for a table and get there. the decor, the coffee and the food are on point and will definitely sate you:
Emserstrasse 23 - Berlin 


  1. Mhhhh...Wir suchen schon sehr lange nach einem weiteren Lokal, wo wir Brunchen können!
    Das hier hört sich wirklich gut an.
    Viele Grüße,

    1. Habt ihr euren Stammtisch? Wenn ja, wo? Ich freu mich auch immer über weitere Tips (:

  2. Very Nice AND cOOL PICS!


  3. Wird definitiv ausprobiert, wenn ich das nächste Mal in Berlin bin!