Inspiration: finest Minimalism with Melitta Baumeister

Sometimes, when I get really bored with fashion, a new talent comes around the corner, visiting our oh so modern world and leaving Art for us. Melitta Baumeister is such a talent.  Someone, who has a clear vision of what clothing should mean and look like - every piece writes a story on the skin, breaking natural shapes and deconstructing your body in a poetic way.  This is the kind of clothing that supports your bodies movement and plays with your rhythm, instead of forcing it into silhouette. Melitta Baumeisters Mind is just as beautiful as her creations, as she told Ignant: “I always start from a broader thought which I then narrow down into a visual statement. There are so many things that influence me simultaneously. They can be anything. If you really look at why and where your interests come from you can see their connections to one another. This is where you start to understand your own vision.”Visit her website for more: Melitta Baumeister

all pictures by Paul Jung

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  1. Some nice inspirations. In general I adore your style. Discovered you through Instagram though :)

    I have started over on my blog.
    My old one was called "Hallo Welt" and now I changed to "Sonder"
    If you still want to check my blog out: http://sonder-lebenlernen.blogspot.de/

    xx Linda