Interior: Home in Progress

A quick update on how our flat looks like at the moment. Its not finished at all, my stuff is still stored in my old flat and we do own two chairs in total, so I re-use them as a table from time to time. My current chill area: the sofa. My home office: the sofa. My wardrobe: the sofa. Find it here on sale. The two black chairs are from superestudio, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone since shipping took them more than four months and the customer service doesn't really exist. The bookshelf is from master&master, a small Czech company that offers beautiful minimal shelfs and tables - definitely recommending that one, because small companies deserve support and their creations are well-made. 


  1. Tolle Möbelstücke!
    Liebste Grüße,

    P.S.: Zurzeit läuft eine tolle Kooperation mit ToDieFor Swimwear auf meinem Blog, also schau doch mal vorbei - würde mich freuen!

    1. danke für deinen Kommentar (: