Travel: contemporary architecture guide for Barcelona / Top 7

BARCELONA has been my favorite spot so far. Traveling with Juule is probably the best thing anyway - we have one brain which we share and are walking-people. Long distances wouldn't kill our feet and we love contemporary architecture. So how could I resist to tell you about my personal top 7 hotspots for contemporary architecture and modern flair? Minimalists will love Barcelona for being full of surprises and simple chic. We were definitely not expecting this city to become a favorite and we didn't even make to see the whole city. So get prepared for these MUST SEES:

1st stop: The Airport

This might not sound like the first choice, but its in fact the first stop. I´ve been waiting for Juule at the Airport, because she came to Barcelona from Vienna and I came from Berlin. Lucky me had about one spare hour left and used the time to look around the amazing Airport. Its always worth looking up.

2nd stop: MACBA Museum of Modern Art by Richard Meier

Build from 1992-1995, I feel like Richard Meier absolutely knew he would build a timeless white beauty. Known for the Getty Museum and the Atheneum (both in America), I definitely will follow up to see more of his works. The MACBA in Barcelona was definitely my favorite spot so far. If you´re keen on seeing contemporary Art, you will love the exhibitions and the surroundings.

3rd stop: Olympic Village

to be honest, we did not expect this one to come. The modern church of the Olympic Village was on our way to the parc del forum (next point) and we were just standing there and wondering how modern a city can look that is actually known for cheesy Gaudy Architecture and a Cathedral that looks like a christmas tree. Next time we will pay closer attention to the Olympic Village.

4th step: parc del forum barcelona

This is something we found on iheartalice.com and were really looking forward to. Small tip: put on some extra sweaters, the wind there is very harsh! And honestly, I wonder how Alice could climb up without being scared of being blown away. Wearing Sandals, I only managed to climb up the wall, instead of the stairs. But anyway, comfy first, right?

5th step: Museu de Ciències Naturals

right located at the parc del forum, the Museum as a building is worth seeing as well. The surfaces differ from spot to spot and if you look up, you might see some light games. Take your time to explore the whole area around the Forum, Inspirations is waiting for you!

6th stop: walking home on Avinguda Diagonal

Keep walking (and this is the main reason why I only wear sandals or sneakers) ! the Area around the Forum del Barcelona is just as modern and interesting as the Parc itself. it might be long way (it is.) but its worth it. the Whole Streat Avinguda Diagonal is full of modernism and taking the subway would just make you miss out on the scenery. I must say, walking every way made the holidays what they were: an adventure. Not knowing what you will see next and at the same time saving money on public transportation will require you strength and good shoes. 

7th stop: La Barceloneta at the Beach

Perfect to chill out for a while. After all this walking a Break at the Beach makes total sense to my feet. Get some Ice-cream and don't forget to look around. There are always some light and shadow games waiting for you. 


Comfy Sandals: NEOSENS
Jumper: SheIn
White Culotte: UNIQLO
Black Backpack: ROMWE (old)

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