FOOD: Revisited House of Small Wonder

I revisited this Berlin Treasure and was surprised that it just got more expensive... the Matcha Cappuccino costs now 4,50€ and the french breakfast also went up like 1,50€. However, Restaurant Brunch must stay a treat and so I will talk now about the taste: It is one of my favorite Miso Soups in Town - and I am a sucker for Miso Soups in Berlin. The Japanese Breakfast will stay my favorite. Even if the Miso Soup is not included anymore and must be purchased extra (2,50€ I guess) Wow, I talked about the price again. I really suck at writing about food. So lets stop it here: If you have plenty of time or a reservation and a taste for special Brunch in Berlin and beautiful locations, visit The House of Small Wonder. If you don't have much time, come over on a Tuesday at 11h or from 15h, when the restaurant is less crowded. A big Minus: The Service is always busy and (maybe just my experience) not that friendly. A plus: Location and Food.

Johannisstrasse 20 / Berlin

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