Inspiration: Antalya Vibes

And off again! This time: The turkish Riviera and Antalya. I have missed the seaside, though its been only a bit more than a month since Barcelona. I always enjoy sitting at the Beach or jumping in the cold salty water. I already have my swimsuits together and just need the right coverage. In Madrid I realized that my skin is not ok with being exposed to the sun and I definitely will stay covered. Thats why I still need some natural Fabrics such as denim and linen to get ready for Turkey in two weeks. What I try not to do at the moment: focus on the Bachelor Thesis. I am even thinking about extending my studies for half a year to relax this summer. To be honest, I am not that career thirsty type of person. I just want to enjoy doing what I love and at the moment, I see traveling more than having a 9 to 5 job or a Masters Degree. However, lets see if I can combine both. If not: traveling and jobbing  will be my first choice for now. 


  1. Beautiful! I love the clutch and the off-shoulder tunic!
    Tatjana xx