Outfit: Marble Blouse

To start with the most important things: its #WorldRefugeeDay ! The 20th of June is annually the day that the UN calls out to remember the human beings who are affected by the war in their countries. The hard facts about the current refugee situation are shocking: This year, we have more than 65 Million refugees. This Number means, that every 113st Person is currently fleeing. Since the Convention of 1951 includes many rights, I want to highlight one, which is significantly important to me: education. Working for Kiron Open Higher Education, its been present in my life and I want to ask all of you today to head over to the UN Site, to get some information and to decide how you want to get involved. 
Now the less important thing: I am currently trying to fix this bachelor thesis, which is not too hard because the weather in Germany isn't exactly what I would call nice. This outfit was a bit risky because it shows off a lot of legs, which I haven't done in a while. I hope the marble print of the good old wood wood blouse distracts the people. I usually go with monochrome these days, keeping it simple and airy. You may have recognized my favorite espadrilles for the third time by now, I will definitely take them with me this thursday, when I am off for my next trip.

Blouse: WoodWood (old) similar here and more marble here and here
Skirt: Zara (old) very similar here
Shoes: Zara (Spain, not available in Germany) very similar here, here or budget version here
Watch: Nicole Vienna

read the german text below!

Das wichtigste zuerst: Heute ist der Welt Flüchtlings-Tag! Jedes Jahr rufen die United Nations zu diesem Gedenktag auf, um das Bewusstsein für die aktuelle Lage zu verschärfen. Es gibt aktuell 65 Millionen Menschen, die auf der Flucht sind. Das bedeutet, dass jeder 113te Mensch nicht in seiner Heimat leben kann, weil die politische Lage zu gefährlich ist. Könnt Ihr euch das vorstellen? Mein Abi Jahrgang war in etwa so groß - wenn man sich ins Bewusstsein ruft, dass darunter ein Mensch war, dessen Leben permanent bedroht war, nur weil er in seiner Heimat lebte, dreht sich mein Magen um. Ich rufe deswegen jeden auf, mal auf die UN Seite zu gehen und sich zu informieren, wie man sich einbringen kann. Dieses Jahr ist der Hashtag #withRefugees - weil wir zusammenhalten sollten.