Travel: Casa Decor with Ford Vignale

MerkenMerken Casa Decor in Madrid was one of my major inspirational experiences so far. I have, to be honest, never seen something like this. Of course, you know all those very chic interior inspirations from pinterest or magazines- but do they really exist somewhere? Yes, they do. But normally I don't have access to the homes of rich people. In Casa Decor, I indeed had the access. And the Guides. Being led through the rooms (I don't really know but I guess it was about 40 Rooms) together with the media crew from all over Europe, we had an experience I can't even put in words. To see how design comes together to build a never ending symbiosis is amazing - Details over details and stitch over stitch the Casa Decor combines it all: the process, the space and the vision. My Favorite Rooms were by Beatriz Silveira - a light and airy space with special pieces that 
It took me some time, but the connection between Ford Vignale and the Casa Decor was pretty clear then: If you want to translate designs from the past in a contemporary space, you need to be creative. We don't want to see another vintage knock off, but a unique combination of elements, that correspond. This will be the first of my Madrid Posts, after the Workshop, I took the chance to spent some more days in Madrid by myself. 

I sincerely want to thank Ford for the invitation - I am inspired and happy to have the chance to meet such great people, have talks and see a new place.

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  1. Wunderschöne Fotos! Was für eine Kamera und Objektiv nutzt du?
    Du hast die Atmosphäre super eingefangen :)

    Liebe Grüsse