Outfit: Black and Blue Off Shoulder

Currently, life seems somehow surreal. The happenings in the world seem just as aggressive as extraordinary. I somehow cannot believe we live in the year 2016 right now - reading about political  conspiracies and illegal trades. I can slightly remember being a child in the 90s and we were all celebrating the EU as a step forward for our society. I also remember being from Ukraine and that the country would probably never be a part of it, due the weak economy - while now, Britain escapes the EU as if its something bad. I also remember turkey being considered as a part of the EU, only last year. Now, after all what happened, I cannot put it my disbelief into words. I try to see the point in this, all the violence and the "leaders" elected by the world like Trump, Erdogan or Putin but there is none. I just wanted to make sure, that an outfit post doesn't mean that I am not thinking about anything else but my clothes and fun and ice-cream. To be more precise, life isn't really about off shoulder blouse styling, without being sarcastic. For me, Blogging means a nice distraction from all that is going wrong and I hope no one minds me taking this time off. I hope you like this post.

top: Zaful, similar here
Jeans: Asos, similar here
Shoes: Esprit, budget version here, original here
Sunnies: Ace&Tate Liz



  1. I love this outfit! I agree with everything you said.. As a British citizen, hearing that the UK voted out of the EU (when I voted in) was such a huge shock.. And it's horrible hearing more and more bad news. These are definitely issues worth mentioning! Hope you're still having a nice week x
    Holly x

    The Twins' Wardrobe

  2. Toll dass du nicht nur die naiven Dingen ansprichst sondern dir auch wichtig ist was gerade auf der Welt alles schief läuft! Ich liebe mein stupides kleines Hobby auch sehr - man braucht ja immer eine süße Nische, ein Ort der Zuflucht ;) Liebe Grüße!


  3. Wunderschönes Outfit und so simpel <3
    Ich liebe deine Posts und ich finde es toll, dass du deine Gedanken mit uns teilst <3

    Liebe Grüsse


  4. Loved this post and outfit! 2016 has definitely been a world wind...For some time I struggled to be okay with everything going on and help helpless, but yes, blogging is a nice distraction from all that's going on. x


  5. Schöner Look. Ich sehe das ganz ähnlich wie du. Es ist erschreckend, was gerade passiert. Ich habe das Gefühl, wir haben aus der Vergangenheit rein gar nichts mitgenommen.

  6. Toller Look und auch richtig schöne Shooting Location! :) Dein Blog gefällt mir übrigens echt gut!

    Christina ♥