Travel: Barut Hotel Antalya / Side

I thought about a long time if I should write this or not. Would you still go to turkey, even now, after all this? - I would. And I don't think terrorism is a joke or doesn't exist. It was the second time that I was a place and just shortly after there was an attack. But I live in Berlin, which is a capital city, very close to all political happenings. Its not that it couldn't happen here as well. I consider traveling as one of the greatest gifts that you could get in your life. The freedom of switching places, exploring landscapes and cultures means more to me than the non-existent construct of "security" which doesn't existed at any point of my life. The country where I am from is in a civil war, the media even wouldn't cover - still I will go there. The city I live in is full of refugees and I am happy about that. There is no such thing for me as constant fear. Only disappointment, that one beautiful country like turkey must suffer under those circumstances. Thats Why I decided to still write about my trip to Antalya and Side. Because I fell in love with everything there and nobody can take this away from me. Thats why I will start with the stay: Barut Hotel Acanthus & Cennet in Side, the eastern part of Antalya.  Read the full review below:

The Room was a suite on the fourth floor - with a jacuzzi on the balcony (I know, a bit over the top for me) But the room was just so beautifully chic and with a love for details decorated. You could tell that the netflix on the tv should give you the feeling of home haha. The Bathroom has 2 Mirrors, a rain shower and a big shelf for the clothes, so you won't see your stuff lying around in your room. 
Acanthus means Paradise in turkish and it really illustrates the place. When I came in to the room, the first thing was pretty close to running on the balcony and scream "I am the queen of the world" - but instead, I decided to make a video with my phone to make my friends jealous. And they were. I also robbed the fresh fruits which were on a plate right next to the entry. The suite is big, amazingly beautiful and fresh and has everything I needed +the View was amazing:

The Food situation at the Cennet & Acanthus 

Most important: The Food. The thing I enjoyed first was the plate full of fresh fruits in my room. But I hadn't seen the buffet at that point. A wide range of local and international delicious dishes were prepared and waited there, good looking in the restaurant. There were 2 Restaurants, one Bar and another little Coffee Shop in the Hotel, offering pastries from macaroons to ice cream. Again, I am overwhelmed by the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed around 2 whole watermelons in 3 days, thats how many of the slices I ate. Also if you're a fan of traditional ottoman kitchen, you will enjoy the buffet. Its all included to the price of the room (even the little coffee shop) and you will definitely enjoy the friendly service, the well curated restaurants and the beautiful view (the sea or the poolside, if you want)

40 Degrees outside - what would you do?

The Poolside and the Sea: A hard decision, to be honest. My first real action in turkey was of course to go to the beach which is right infront of the hotel. If you can see the sea, dive in! The water was warm, the sand just perfectly soft and tender between my toes. I am used to the rocky beaches of Portugal and love them just as much as the sandy perfection. But an infinity pool is worth the try. The water does not contain as much chlorine as I am used to it, so its a good experience. If you still prefer the seaside, the hotel offers you a great service at the beach as well. 

The well curated Decor of the Barut Hotel

The Interior at the Barut Hotel was somewhere between elegant minimalism and clean scandinavian elements. The marble is a traditional material and the Taurus Valley is full of it. Black and white Marble will cross your way to the spa and also the floors are made of the decadent material. The interior was a great inspiration and if you like material mixtures, I can really recommend to keep your eyes open wherever you go.

Name: Acanthus and Cennet
Location: Side Mahallesi, Özal Caddesi, No:35, PK:07330, Manavgat
Phone: +90 242 753 19 11
Fax: +90 242 753 19 13
E-mail: cennetacanthus@baruthotels.com
Website: http://www.baruthotels.com/tr/cennet-acanthus

* I had a free 3-night stay at the hotel, but was not payed or asked for a post. So: 100% my opinion.


  1. Einfach wunderschöne Fotos! Trotz allem was in letzter Zeit passiert, würde ich gerne hingehen :)

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