Inspiration: 10 minimal sale pieces for autumn

I quit thinking about summer, since its raining or just cold - so I make the best out of it and collected some autumn pieces from the current summer sale all over Asos and Edited. I will definitely go for some Mom Jeans, (or Girlfriendjeans, however you want to call it) and embrace the nineties a bit more by adding some serious patent elements - at the end, its all about surviving the cold wet seasons - the so called german summer. Actually this is funny, because I am already about to look for some warmer places on this planet. Until then, this is my recommendation if you still need some basics but want to save on money:

Black Sneakers - NIKE
Watch - TIMEX
Grey Beanie - Selected
Mom Jeans - Asos
Patent Boots - Asos
Grey Bomber Jacket - Asos

Chelsea Boots - Selected Femme 
Letter Jumper - Wood Wood
Textured Skirt - Asos White
Net Socks - Asos
Black Bag - Horizn Studios

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  1. Hey hey Diana,
    I love love love your blog and your minimal look/style.
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