Inspiration: Dark summer essentials for a dark summer

I haven't done a moodboard for a while and this one is dedicated to the super fun summer. So why aren't there any sunglasses, straw hats or at least something with a pineapple print on it? Because there is no sun in Germany - as harsh as it sounds. Welcome to the darkest summer of my life - It seems that I missed out on it, that one single sunny day this year - probably because I was sitting in the library from Mai to August, writing on my bachelor thesis. Thats why I made a collage of stuff,  that I can still use during those colder days - a scarf is, how ridiculous it might sound, my company for the cold days (we had 13 degrees on Wednesday) - not too wrong this month. At least I´ve been searching through some more playful patterns, despite the monochrome and minimalistic character of each single piece - in this case, the confetti Bumbag won the game. Also, I am always in for monochrome timepieces, as you know. I found out that Oozoo has some way less pricey products online (40-50€) and looks way more individual than the typical Wristwatches. If you´re still thinking about a nice, timeless watch, go for it! The rest is linked below. BTW, if you have some tipps where to spend a nice end-of-summer holiday, tell me in the comments!

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