Inspiration: Grey Bedroom

We are so close to finish our bedroom - the wall color is done, the boxes are nearly unpacked (after four months, surprise) and the Bed is beyond perfect. To give you a slight overview of the moodboard, I want to share my pinterest inspiration and the interior that goes together with that. For the slightly dark grey on the walls, I have chosen some lighter bedding to brighten it up. Additionally, I´ve collected my copper details in the bedroom. The Lamp and the side table from my former bedroom will stay and warm up the coldish grey tones. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results so far, I only miss some pictures on the walls and maybe another shelf for Books, but thats something we can manage. For me the Bedding is something that changes the most about the room (since the bedroom consists of 90% bed) I found some nice sheets on a budget at H&M Home, made of pure cotton in nice stone tones or Chambray - My favorite Grid Sheets are from Urban Outfitters but literally the worst buy ever. The quality is just very low and thats a bummer, since I wash them pretty hot. However, if the sheets change so much about the room so quickly, that I really enjoy changing them. Where do you get yours?

String Wall Shelf - Acapulco Chair  - Marble Tray - Copper Mirror - Vintage Lamp  - Black Pillowcase - Typo Calendar - Dark Grey Curtains - White Bed (on Sale) - Typo Pillowcases - Marble Sidetable


  1. Ich glaube, ich habe die gleiche graue Bettwäsche von H&M und liebe sie! Ich finde graue Bettwäsche aber auch am schönsten! Bin auf die richtigen Fotos gespannt! :)

  2. Ja, Grau kann so gut aussehen. Habe in meinem neuen Wohnzimmer auch zwei Wände in einem hellgrau, davor steht ein Sofa in petrol. :)

    Und na toll, in den Spiegel verliebt, aber der ist ja mal ganz schön teuer..... :((((

    Liebe Grüße, Malina