Travel: Top 6 Modern Architecture of Rome

We left Rome a few hours ago, couldn't be happier to be back in Berlin now. Still, there is this craving to jump in the next airplane, right now, without luggage. When we were at the airport to catch our flight back home, we looked at the destinations, flirting in light yellow lettering, and I asked Juule "for which destination would you exchange your ticket back home, if holidays weren't a question of time?" - Beijing, Peking, just as far away as possible. But here we are, starting to work tomorrow again and looking through the Rome photos. We do not only share a Google Drive, but a great passion. But first, lets get this list done. I have a bunch of buildings to show you, contemporary Architecture and modern Art, as usual. I hope you like this personal list. 

1.) Jubilee Church by Richard Meier

Or just "La Chiesa del Dio Padre Misericordioso" if you speak italian. I don't. To be honest with you, the real building is not in the best condition. Secluded from the city center, it was quite a journey to get there. The building itself shows off as a complex of a cube, a white paneled wall and four circles. The Light and Shadow game of this contemporary piece is amazing. As its typical for Richard Meier, he used white panels only. The characteristic minimal grid pattern and the symbolism behind his creation was worth the Travel. You can take the Subway Line C from Lodi to Parco di Centocelle and walk about ten more minutes to get there. 

Piazza Largo Terzo Millennio, 8, 00155 Roma, Italien

2.) MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, by Zeha Hadid 

Actual favorite thing in Rome: The MAXXI Museum. Not only the well curated exhibitions, but the interior made the whole journey - the deep black stairs, the red accents and the surreal light is worth a few hours of your life. The building itself is made of four layers. The loose letter "L" was Hadids sketch as the building was a vision. Several strokes later, she divided them into the floors, just as a LEGO set it clicked together. The concrete building doesn't look like that from the outside. You will be surprised which details it contains. Definitely a must!

Via Guido Reni, 4, 00196 Roma, Italien

3.) Ara Pacis Augustae by Richard Meier
This is a Museum, too. I haven't been inside, so you must be happy with my description from the external building. As Juule said, this seems like a protest. Based in the historical center of Rome, this shiny white building stands out. But looking at it closely, you will find the elements of classic ancient romanic architecture. The symmetry, the proportions and the materials can be found in the ancient altar which the building surrounds and protects. Plus: there is a nice place to sit outside, close to a fountain. 

Lungotevere in Augusta, 00186 Roma, Italien

4.) MACRO - Museo dÁrte Contemporanea di Roma by Odile Deco

Since we are honest to each other, the interior is much more impressive. The facades of the MACRO is a nice try to combine the old ancient building with glass facades. But the inside matters, right? The monochrome building wins over with the high ceilings, the randomly layered black stairs and the wide spaces for the exhibitions. Nice one, really. 

Via Nizza, 138, 00198 Roma, Italien

5.) British Embassy by Basil Spence

The original building was blown up by political terrorists in 1945 - The site and the surrounding architecture played a key role in the design of the building. Spence felt very strongly that the chancery should be respectful of the surrounding architecture. The site, next to Michelangelo’s Porta Pia within the Aurelian Wall, was scheduled as private park area. Spence’s decision to raise the building on pilotti (pillars) was taken so that it did not obscure the gardens.

Via Venti Settembre, 80/a, 00187 Roma, Italien

6.) PalaTiziano - Palazzetto Dello Sport by Annibale Vitellozzi

This one looks not that fresh anymore - a sport stadium, dedicated to the olympic games in 1960, was originally bright white and reminds me of an UFO. The sixties building is pretty close to the MAXXI, if you can, connect it. The Palazzetto is not really worth a visit itself, since its closed due renovations.

Piazza Apollodoro, 10, 00196 Roma, Italien


  1. Wow! Wahnsinnig toll! Das ist ja eine total andere Seite vom sonst so traditionellen und historischen Rom :)

    Liebe Grüsse


  2. Went to the MACRO, MAXXI and Ara Pacis museum while in Rome last summer and just LOVED those. The MAXXI definitely being my favorite place in Rome too. Plus, I spent an amazing evening in the cool cafe just in front of it. A must see !