Food in Berlin: Brammibals vegan donuts

This Post goes quick and dirty: there is the more or less new vegan hotspot in Berlin. Brammibal is one of those places where I go, when I am stoned or sober and its always just fine. Just kidding - it is fine, because they use amazing ingredients and have the not-so-typical not-dunkin-donut-at-all flavors. My absolute favs: caramel hazelnut or matcha. The dairy and cruelty free donuts make a day better, honestly - and the people that work there are just the sweetest. 2,50€ for one is also an absolutely reasonable price. If you ever have to chance to hang out in Kreuzberg and you´re looking for something sweet to complete your meal, give them a try. It won't be the last one.

Maybachufer 8
12047 Berlin


  1. Ahhh how did I not already know about this place?! Must go here ASAP! Thanks for the heads up, these donuts look incredible!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. look yummy!


  3. Mmmm I have a doughnut problem, and these look so good! x