Travel: 5 Spots in Budapest for Minimalists

Not expecting anything at all form Budapest in Hungary, I found myself in an historically picturesque city full of bridges, pretty patterns and pastel-pinks. Of course, I felt the Grand Budapest Hotel memories coming up, but thats exactly why I did not take pictures of the classic stuff. Even if everything is beautiful, I didn't came to copy some postcard photos, but preferred to ask some locals for their favorite spots and got a lot of input. Way too much for three days, so I couldn't make the sports stadium and the subway stops. But even better for me: we were not really looking for anything but finding out that Budapest has its hidden contemporary treasures, plus 30 degrees included. As usual, I want to show you special spots for minimalists. I hope you´ll enjoy this little selection. Below are a few other tips, but without pictures, since I did not snap everything. 

First things first: The Airport. Arriving at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (T2 Arrival) by Zoltán Tima and being immediately amazed by the white panels and grey marble walls. The two-layered construction is inspired by the 70s. All structured around one single central point, this airport is heaven for anybody with a low general orientation. Definitely worth a stroll, if you're waiting for your flight. find it here: 

Budapest, 1185 Hungary

Second one, the Ludwig Museum: The Building itself did exist way before the museum inside of it. The Müpa Budapest building hosts the technological museum as well as a concert hall besides the contemporary museum of arts. As most contemporary buildings, the keys of the architectural concept were the lighting conditions and adaptability of rooms. The roof works as a filter, letting just as much soft light inside of the exhibition halls in, as needed. When we were there, we had the pleasure to see the Chanel exhibition which was full of models, wearing, obviously, Chanel. Find it here: 

Müpa Budapest
1095 Budapest 
Komor Marcell u. 1.

One secret treasure: Architects Béla Hosfstätter and Ferenc Domány designed a complex of two buildings with amazing linoleum and marble interior. The exterior of the house would not tell you what waits for you inside. After climbing up the seven floors on the spiral staircase, we got a chance to step out on the roof and enjoy a little bit of sun. For me, this Bauhaus beauty was one of the best places in Budapest. We were lucky enough that some people went inside, so we could sneak in. If you have a thing for staircases, you will like it. Find it here:

38, 40 Pozsonyi utca, 
XIII District

Not exactly what I would call minimal, but contemporary and interesting: the Lehel Csarnok Market Hall by Rajk László is one weird colorful playhouse / market in the northern Part of Budapest, (Ludwigstadt) found by accident, the stay in there was extended due some serious Langosz Lunch moments. If you have a thing for the 80`, like cheap food and a whole bunch of locals that tell you their sisters married of to Germany and are with rich husbands now, you will definitely enjoy your time there. Otherwise: this is the perfect spot to play hide and seek. Find it here:

Váci út 48, 1132 Ungarn

Last but just because we ran out of time: Balna Budapest (whale Building) is some kind of shopping center right at the river with some very nice monochrome interior. Find it here: 

Fővám tér 11-12, 1093 Hungary


  1. such a great post :) I was in budapest in august and visited only the museum :) it looks amazing .. but also the other places you chose :)

  2. Wow, das sind wirklich wirklich tolle Fotos.

    Grüße, Malina

  3. Your photos are amazing, I LOVE them, and can't wait to discover Budapest - maybe this year !
    - Audrey