Food in Berlin: Qua Phe in Mitte

Long time no see - because I was busy doing basic life stuff like searching for a job or a winter escape. Also, its damn cold and I rather sit in my comfy home office (which is a sofa in the living room) than shooting outfits outside. A good Reason to leave my sofa is food, or to be more precise: hanging out with Alice at the favorite Vietnamese Hotspot in Berlin Mitte. Que Phe is infamous for its amazing vietnamese coffee, the great dishes and the nicest staff. Usually, I think everyone is amazing and everything is amazing, because my standards are pretty low. But Alice highly recommends it and she is my foody-expert when it comes to any food. A big plus is the wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, which are (in my opinion) even better than the ones involving meat. And even I, as a non-sweet-tooth, gets usually seduced by one of the black-bean filled buns for dessert. Thumbs up for this great spot in Mitte. Prices for main dishes 4-8€, desserts between 2,50 and 4€ and the usual coffee prices. 

Max-Beer-Str. 37
10119 Berlin

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  1. Oh wow this place looks incredible such a fan of vietnamese food! I had no idea about this place - must check it out thanks for the tip!

    Rae | Love from Berlin